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Welcome  to the Generational Curses, No More! Repairing the Breach  program, you will learn various ways and methods to start the healing process through your program your church or your ministry. Utilizing this program will help be a guidance and provide weekly structure for you and your team as well as you and the community that you serve. We will focus on a biblically based method .

My  Branding for Repairing the Breach(3).jpg

Repairing the Breach: Josiah Method 1

  • 12Weeks
  • 11Steps
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In this Josiah Method 1 program, you will learn how to start the healing process against sexual abuse and the hidden truths that has stigmatized our churches. Utilizing this program will be a guidance to provide weekly structure for you, and your team. The Josiah method will help to increase excellence in the body of Christ. This plan comes with a 3 month extensive hands on with our team of consultants who will be on call for you and your team. You will have a Monthly reporting Webinar and it will allow for your team of no more than 4 to be included in the instructional virtual class. You will be instructed on how to select a Team, Gather the Materials, and Follow plan. There are 3 Specific plans which are A, B and C. Then you will be on the road to implement change.

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