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My personal exodus....

Updated: May 25, 2023

This is an exciting journey. I have found myself involved in so many unexpected things that have happened in this last season/year and a half that is unexplainable. I am certain how things have turned out, is only by the Hand of God, That was its navigation. My life has changed. My location has changed. My outlook has changed. My drive has increased. I see more clear now than ever. My faith is stronger. I depend more on God than my own ability. This is because I have learned to tune into the instructions that God has for my journey in this life and, I actually followed them. About a year and 3 months ago, I visited my now new State Tennessee, and I went to visit Nashville Life which is Cece Winans church that she Pastors. She had no clue what God was doing in my life when she stated, "it is important for us as believers to listen to the voice of God and follow His instructions". She continued, " at the end of your journey of obedience you will be more happy for God's outcome than your own". Did not that point make a lot of sense in my life? The answer is yes. I was at that time, listening real close to God's direction.

By that time I had already knew that God wanted me to visit Tennessee. I also knew that I "might" relocate to the area. I just really had no clarity when, how or why. God re-positioned me and set me up in a place I would have never gone on my own. I was just minding my own business reading my emails one day when I heard clearly the Lord said, your are going to Tennessee". I thought, huh?. I started to think maybe that's not really what I am hearing so, I let it go. Days and weeks passed and I kept getting these emails from a gentleman in Nashville Tennessee. About a year ago before then, I tried to enter a music writing course and I was denied. They denied me stating that I had too much experience and that they would not be able to service me. I excepted the rejection letter to lead to the correspondences, to stop. Well they kept coming. It was quite peculiar that it grabbed my attention again. It was now June 2018. A soft voice says, "you are going to Tennessee. I reply within me, Lord what is this about? No answer I decide to begin doing research. I thought I know nothing about Tennessee, what is Tennessee? Talk about uncertainty. Now the work began.....Stay Tuned for the journey more to come!

These pictures were during the time I had the word in my heart of Tennessee but no clarity. I started the new school year teaching. I officiated a wedding, also my son Graduated from Highschool.

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