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Updated: May 25, 2023

LaTishia LaNier-Mckinnie and the 2nd book
Promo Pic of Book Generational Curses, No More

May 17, 2023 and I had just completed my second day course with Dr. Sonja. She explained the purpose driven business which is PDB, which is an excellent program to help people who are on the road to speaking engagements, and being excellent in their ability to deliver a message, She broke it down to the process of engagements, authorship, and event planning as well as courses and coaching. I began to implore clear instructions from the Lord, and as I was imploring those instructions from God, I began to specifically tell Him that I needed an answer to whether I should stay in life insurance or I should discontinue the life insurance business, and move on to what I was created to do.

In 2005-2006 I had this vision in which I was teaching and helping Pastors to help their churches expose sexual predators in the church and violations of sexual abuse that has happened in the church. But yet there has been a cover-up for many many years. I had this vision of this huge platform that I was on and I was teaching early as the age of 15 but this happened in 2005. Now I am on this journey that I never imagined unfolding like it is unfolding. I know that in 2010 the Lord told me to create the book Today's Pastors, Yesterday's Kings.

He told me in 2010 that I needed to complete that project. Lo and behold in 2019 he told me to publish it. Little did I know that COVID was straight within just a few months of publishing the book so I never really got to pursue promoting it at the level that I knew I could. With that being said in 2023, The Lord told me to complete my new book Generational Curses, No More! by setting up scenarios that would show me where the completion of my book was. He gave me the name through Pastor McCarroll as he was ministering the word of God one day God just illuminated the word, generational curses, and the moment of hearing it, the Lord said, "generational curses no more."

The book has been doing very well so in the midst of that I had been praying, and I have taken this course that I completed or rather the day before the completion date of this course I was inspired by the Lord and this is the answer to the dream that I had back in 2005. I didn’t see myself on stage amongst millions but I never imagine that God would have this plan laid out for me. I am now 50 years old and trying to chase money.

I can no longer do that. I’ve done that for a long time. But right now God has illuminated the vision that he showed me in 2004 and when I was 15 years old. Now I see how he is unfolding it. He is unfolding this vision through all of the processes he has taken me through. I heard a voice in my spirit say to me, are you still going to chase money or are you gonna let the Insurance business go? Well, I begin to pray and say Lord I need clear direction. Do you want me to let Insurance go? Do You want me to move forward to my next level or do you want me to continue insurance at it as it will be a way to have a stream of income while I build my business.

The Lord said, do you trust me? I’m gonna begin to say God give me clarity on how I should approach my up line the person who has been training me the person who just recently gave me $5000 to help me out of the problem that you told them that I was dealing with. I said to God, "You gave them the Word that they must call me and ask how to fix my problem and how much did I need. That is my up line for my insurance business. So I said, God, what is your true purpose for this moment please speak to me clearly, and that was a prayer while I was moving. I was moving, walking and talking to the Lord through my house. Immediately I went to my office desk and I sat down and grabbed my Bible my physical Bible that is.

The Lord took me immediately to Psalms 82. I was wondering why am I about to read Psalms I need to hear from the Lord, but I kept reading. And it started out saying, God stands among the divine council; he renders judgment among the gods. How long will you judge unjustly and accept partiality of the wicked Selah. Defend the poor and fatherless, vindicate the afflicted and needy. Then here is where it gets very very personal. Because my subject matter for my transformative speaking is as follows the next scripture says, Grant escape to the abused and destitute pluck them out of the hand of the false.

They have neither knowledge nor understanding that they walked in darkness. All the foundations of the earth are shaken. God told them you are gods, sons of the Most High all of you, but you shall die like men and for like a man all princesses. That means, God is calling those who are the poor, the fatherless, the destitute, the abused and letting them know that they are gods and they are the sons of the most high and then he puts a comma he said, for all of you that have abused them, and did what you did you will die like men and fall like a man. Psalms 82:1-7. But God said to the poor and the destitute and the abused Arise of God judge the earth for you shall inherit all nations. That was a message for me.

That was a message to let me know you told me years ago that I will go to the nations with this message. And I am a bit fearful because it may offend the leaders in the gospel. I’m ready to take on the assignment that God has called me to so God I thank you for the courage. I thank you for placing your confirmation in my next move to complete the assignment by which I was born and I am ready to move in Jesus name, Amen. Obey God and wait for the results.

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