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Worship With Me Ministries

LaTishia J. LaNier-Mckinnie

The Heart Beat that Unites Nations

Psalmist Elder LaTishia LaNier-Mckinnie

Elder, Worship Leader, Minister, Author, Teacher and Speaker

Evangelistic Tour Coming Soon....


LaTishia is beginning an East Coast Tour
Preaching and proclaiming God's word of restoration for the body of Christ. Tour title "Resurrecting Reverence: Reclaiming God’s Glory in restoring the body of Christ."
Generational Curses, NO MORE!
Tour start Date 06.22.2024
Tour Date End 07.13.2024
Facebook Live Every Friday
6:30 pm EST  7:30 pm CST
BE A PART of this mighty move of GOD !! REVIVAL IS HERE
Want LaTishia to stop by your place of worship?
CALL 973-277-6669 for more details
or email latishia

Project Release....

Generational Curses, NO MORE!
Release Date 03.02.2023
Facebook Live Thursday 3.02.2023
6:30 pm EST  7:30 pm CST


NEW BOOK-New Author-Mary-Teeana Mckinnie
Mary-Teeana Journal of Adventures
Series I
Release Date 03.15.2023

Click Book link for Purchase

Today's Pastors, Yesterdays Kings Book
Maary-Teeana's Journal of Adventures My Body is my Temple

Today's Pastors,

Yesterdays' Kings

Mary-Teeana Journal of Adventures
Series 1

Generational Curses, No More!

Generational Curses,
No More!


Churches of all denominations and backgrounds with a Christ-Centered approach. Choirs, Choir directors, Praise Teams, Bishops, Pastors, Ministers. Recording artists, aspiring praise and worship leaders teams and more!

Sound Waves

Vocal and Sound improvement techniques

In the realm of Worship Leading, Authorship, Teaching, and Speaking, we recognize the immense value of Vocal Coaching as a transformative tool to enhance one's vocal technique. Through this coaching, Worship Leaders and team members can master singing with increased range, clarity, and power. Additionally, our services encompass Church Sound improvement techniques, ensuring a comprehensive approach to enhancing your worship experience.


Program enhancement

We offer a program enhancement service that brings a fresh and renewed energy to your worship service. Our approach is Godly and anointed, enriched with Levitical Knowledge. We are dedicated to assisting you and your church in maintaining and cultivating an unforgettable praise and worship encounter that leaves a lasting impact.


Conference Speaking & Evangelism

LaTishia, as a Worship Leader, Author, Teacher, and Speaker, offers Transformational Conference Speaking services and Evangelism through LaTishiaSpeaks. Her engaging presentations bring profound spiritual insights, grounded in biblical truth, to your event. With years of experience, she motivates your audience to take action and embrace a God-centered perspective.


Praise and Worship Leadership Training

This program focuses on the biblical perspective of Spiritual Levites, minstrels, and those called to the ministry of Praise and Worship. It encompasses leaders, team members, musicians, and sound production, providing techniques to enhance the activities of each department, fostering musical and theoretical knowledge, and elevating performance quality.


In the realm of Choral Training, similar lifestyle expectations as that of Praise and Worship teams are considered. Choral training is aimed at perfecting the sound quality of the group, whether it consists of 10-40 members. Technical training aids in ear-training and fine-tuning of each sectional group. The comprehensive training approach helps directors identify and enhance their abilities while elevating the overall craftsmanship of the team as a whole.

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The collective Minister Tee and Shachah Adonai was created 8 years ago by a collaboration of Christian music artists. The collaboration has brought the music that Minister Tee has...

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