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Today's Pastors, Yesterday's Kings

Today's Pastor's, Yesterday's Kings
“Two sides of the spectrum, revealing the connection between two well-known professions—Pastors and Kings.”

This book reveals the various understanding of Pastoral-ship and its’ correlation to the Kings of yesterday. It identifies the hype of the media exposing (their intent) the church and Pastors who have fallen due to sexual sins and more. It describes the details of statistical information that these Pastors have been challenged with. This book is descriptive in scriptures that reflect each major challenge of these Pastors through the lives of Kings and has solutions as to what can redeem Pastors and mankind back into their rightful place in the kingdom of God. It contains attributes that are conducive to the success of today’s Pastors. While showing the failures and success of yesterday’s kings, it also allows the reader to gather hope even where there has been a failure in these same areas in their own lives. You as the reader will find yourself overwhelmed by the similarities in your own personal life as you read about various people and their challenges to make the right decisions. Some kings failed God and some stayed consistent in obedience, as with some Pastors. These stories are extremely controversial. The opinions may be offensive but overall, the content will cause one to look within themselves.


I like clear descriptive personal experiences that the author presented. She defined true problems in the church and how changes can be implemented for growth. Pastors, God has a heavy assignment for you and this author proves it through scripture references. A good read. ~Angelo M.

Today's Pastor Yesterday Kings is a captivating yet candid peek into the leadership of modern-day pastors juxtapose to Kings and Priest in biblical antiquity. Elder LaNier-Mckinnie presents challenging and riveting material to motivate spiritual leaders, disciples, and followers of Christ to achieve the Great Commission. The book is a pendulum that swings forward with challenges in areas such as leadership, church growth, and integrity and swings back with fascinating stories of faith and persuasion to change. Finally, the author concludes her chronicle with a challenge to pray for spiritual leaders and a reminder of God's complete, finished, and providential plan. ~Pastor Cory Busby

Generational Curses, NO MORE!

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"Generational Curses, NO MORE!" follows the life journey of LaTishia LaNier-Mckinnie, affectionately known as Tee, from her early years to the present day. Tee's story is marked by both triumphs and trials, showcasing her resilience in the face of adversity as she remains steadfast in her faith and pursuit of a higher purpose.

Throughout the book, readers are introduced to Tee's inspiring journey, filled with testimonials of her unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and find joy despite life's challenges. Despite the hardships she endures, Tee refuses to let negativity define her, demonstrating remarkable strength and resilience in the process.

"Generational Curses, NO MORE!" not only tells Tee's story but also offers practical insights and strategies for readers facing their own spiritual battles. Through Tee's experiences, readers discover valuable lessons on breaking free from generational patterns and embracing a life of freedom and spiritual abundance.

With its blend of personal narrative, practical advice, and spiritual wisdom, "Generational Curses, No More!" serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome adversity and find purpose and fulfillment in their lives.

Mary-Teeana's Journal of Adventures

Mary-Teeana's Journal of AdventuresMy Body... Cover NOW
This book takes a youthful approach to protecting a young person or child. It shows parents and children that it is necessary to guard our little ones against danger. It is Christian based and expresses how little Mary-Teeana discovers how and why her body is her temple. It also shows Mary-Teeana with her friends with whom she loves dearly.
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