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"Securing the Church: A Biblical Approach to Preventing Sexual Abuse"

Navigating the Path of Healing and Transformation

Within the sacred walls of faith communities, a dark and disheartening reality has cast a shadow—sexual abuse. This issue challenges the very core of trust and sanctity that churches are meant to provide. Rooted in the bedrock of biblical teachings, this blog seeks to illuminate a path towards healing and change. It delves into the depths of how we, as believers, can protect our congregations from the devastation of abuse while fostering an atmosphere of love, respect, and accountability. Our narrative is woven from personal experiences, and our commitment is to lead churches and organizations through the daunting yet essential journey of healing and reconstruction after generations of unchecked abuse.

A Call to Unity and Healing: Bearing Witness to the Journey

Our journey commenced with a profound recognition of the urgent need to address the scars left by years of unspoken sexual and physical abuse perpetrated by leaders, affiliates, and caregivers within religious institutions. Our response to this need has taken the form of an extensive guide—a comprehensive resource aimed at assisting churches and organizations in the crucial process of rebuilding after the wreckage of unchecked abuse. Central to our endeavor is the intention to share the practical tools, strategies, and methods that have emerged from our personal journey of healing. This mission is underscored by the timeless wisdom of Psalm 133:1, which proclaims, "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity."

A Voice for the Voiceless: Advocacy in Action

As advocates for change, we extended an invitation to church leaders to express apologies on behalf of the body of Christ through our platform, "The Talk Storm." The goal was to create a collective voice of empathy for those who had been wounded by the actions of leaders. Yet, our call was often met with silence, reluctance, or deflection. Responses ranged from outright denial—"I didn't do it"—to concerns about appearances and misunderstanding—"I don't want my church to think I did the wrong that was done." This served as a stark reminder of the challenge in addressing abuse openly, even within the context of the church. This response heightened our conviction that a transparent acknowledgment of past wrongs and a commitment to healing were crucial steps in reflecting Christ's example of bearing the sins of others, even those committed long after His time.

Recognizing the Magnitude: Illuminating the Darkness

The enormity of child sexual abuse is a distressing reality that cannot be ignored. Every case reported is a testament to the urgent need for action—action that not only addresses the wounds of victims but also works towards rebuilding societies marred by the trauma of abuse. The psychological impact of abuse on victims is undeniable, often resulting in a lifetime of mental health challenges. This distressing reality underscores the urgency of our mission to foster environments within faith communities that prioritize safety, understanding, and restoration.

Repairing the Breach: Pioneering the Path

Our mission aligns closely with the spirit of Isaiah 58:12, which speaks of rebuilding, restoring, and repairing. We are committed to mending the gaps left by years of abuse and restoring the foundations of generations past. This endeavor necessitates a collective effort that transcends personal narratives and denominational boundaries. Through open dialogue, transparency, and a commitment to healing, we strive to mend the breach that has for too long gone unaddressed. Our conviction to repair what has been broken is a tangible reflection of God's call for His people to be agents of restoration.

A Vision of Redemption: A Blueprint for Healing

Our team has tirelessly crafted manuals, organized events, and developed resources that empower churches, communities, and organizations to engage in their own journeys of healing and rebuilding. This program is not a mere instructional guide; it is a living embodiment of transformation. Through the creation of safe spaces, open conversations, and a commitment to healing, we align ourselves with God's divine purpose for His church. Our vision extends beyond individual efforts—it encompasses a collective movement to mend a broken world.

Forging Ahead, United in Purpose

The urgency to address unchecked abuse within faith communities is an undeniable call to action. Guided by the unwavering principles of Scripture and fueled by compassion, we believe that change is not only possible but imperative. This program is not just a destination; it is a gateway to transformation—a transformation that heals wounds, restores trust, and rebuilds lives shattered by abuse. If this vision resonates with you, we invite you to explore the link below to discover more about the transformative "Generational Curses No More, Restorer of the Breach" program. Together, let us embrace healing, stand as agents of restoration, and weave a future strengthened by the transformative power of God.

This article was written by LaTishia LaNier-Mckinnie, the author of the book "Generational Curses, No More!" and the host of "The Talk Storm," a talk show that airs on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM Central and 7:30 PM Eastern on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at "The Talk Storm" explores various topics and is inspired by LaTishia's recently released book. LaTishia is a passionate advocate for change within the Black Church and is available to provide assistance to churches if needed. To get in touch with her for more information or to request support for your church, you can visit www.lmckenterprises/ To purchase "Generational Curses, No More!" and learn more about her book, please click the following link: or Barnes and Noble Purchase on Amazon at

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